Dedicated Wireless Internet

As a Wisp Company, we have the capacity to deliver high- quality internet service through microwave links, with carrier class equipment.

Dedicated Fiber-Optic Internet

Another service we provide is broadband through fiber optics. This allows us to better serve the needs of our customers and maximize their commercial advantage.

Corporate Internet

Part of our stellar service is to give more than one dedicated internet solution. As a part of our service to corporations, we offer an array of services from fixed IP hosting to email accounts.


We provide reliable backup solutions, because, when a principal provider fails, a company cannot simply stop all production.


We can ensure optimal internet function for events through our highly qualified personnel and top of the line equipment brands.

Managed Networks

Internet is the tool you need to work in a timely way. Our team of engineers will tailor and manage your connection, so you can have highly- functioning internet working in the areas you need for your company.


Wireless networks will become another business tool you will have under your belt.


We facilitate communication between your different branches as if they were sitting next to each other. (Desk to Desk).

Web Hosting plan

Establish your place on the web and make your company visible to the world with secure hosting.

Domain names

Acquire your digital name with the help of RED7 experts, there to help you in the building of your company.

Dedicated servers

We provide designated servers to exclusively serve your business, keeping your needs and documents private.

Virtual servers

Safety for your documents, within reach, for your needs.

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